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With this war against humanity we must stand up and defend ourselves against this dangerous environmental toxin. Hundred of scientists internationally have publicly declared the threat posed by 5G technology, requiring 1. densification of transmitters, 2. use beam-forming technology to focus and direct signals to your device. 3. utilise frequencies from 0 - 60Ghz. 4. vulnerable to being hacked and weaponized by terrorists or foreign state actors 5. increased permanent background levels of RF energy.

What is 5G – an introduction

5G signifies “5th generation” wireless technology. It is said to provide faster and higher transmission capacity. It includes Internet of Things (IoT), driverless cars, and faster video streaming.

5G will massively increase the microwave and millimeter-wave radiation in our environment. It will also use new frequencies that are not evaluated by experts independent from the industry as to their safety.

5G will include the higher millimeter-wave frequencies, previously used for crowd control for instance. The millimeter waves do not travel easily through buildings so 5G will require millions of new “small cell” antennas.

The wireless telecom industry intends to outfit nearly lamp post or utility post around the countries with these wireless small cell antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into our homes, schools, working places and everywhere, 24/7.

5G radiation will be sent from advanced antennas, so-called phased arrays,  that transmit the microwaves and/or millimeter waves in narrow bands, a technology originally developed for military purposes. This will massively increase the exposure to radiation in those beams, that will be nearly everywhere.

The massive increase of radiation is observed in a scientific paper published in 2017:

“Our results show that 5G down-link RF fields generate significantly higher power density (PD) and specific absorption rate (SAR) than a current cellular system.”…Thus, when a larger phased antenna is used or when a user moves closer to the AP, the PD value becomes a major health concern which inevitably requires more research about the health effects of 5G before it is deployed successfully by strictly following the RF emission standards.”

A substantial and convincing amount of scientific studies show many adverse health effects and health hazards from radio-frequency/microwave radiation.

No evaluation of health effects nor of effects on the wildlife and the environment has been undertaken. There is no research showing safety neither from 5G alone nor from the combined exposure to 5G + already existing radiation from GSM, 3G, WiFi, 4G, etc.

This is why STOP 5G was launched.

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The King of human rights work – Michael Mansfield QC is heading up a legal team to defend our health and safety.  Action against 5G has been formed as a coalition action group to legally defend us all.  Please support them.

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