The American Academy of Pediatrics says:

An Egyptian study confirmed concerns that living nearby mobile phone base stations increased the risk for developing:

• Headaches
• Memory problems
• Dizziness
• Depression
• Sleep problems

Peer Reviewed Research Studies on Radiofrequency Radiation Have Found:

• Headaches
• Sperm damage
• Altered brain development
• Depression
• Neurological symptoms
• Hormone changes
• Memory problems
• Sleep problems
• Cancer

Study Finds 5G Frequencies Have A Biological Effect

A newly published study from distinguished Israeli physicists Yuri Feldman, Paul Ben-Ishai and colleagues found that the higher millimeter frequencies intended for use in 5G are preferentially absorbed in the sweat duct, a significant biological effect. Read the study “The Modeling of the Absorbance of the Sub-THz Radiation by Human Skin.” Watch a lecture by Paul Ben-Ishai, PhD at 2017 IIAS Conference.

US National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study Found Wireless Caused Cancer and DNA Damage in Rodents

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences NTP long-term radiofrequency radiation (RFR) studies found male rats developed gliomas (brain cancer) and schwann cell tumors, the same types of tumors increased in long-term human cell phone users. In addition, DNA damage was found leading the scientists to conclude that, “exposure to RFR has the potential to induce measurable DNA damage under certain exposure conditions.”

Cell Tower Radiation is Linked To Damage in Human Blood

A newly published study compared people living close and far from cell antennas and found a significant impact on people living closer to cellular antennas. Damage was found in their blood that predicts cancer development.
Read the study “Impact of radiofrequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes of humans residing in the vicinity of mobile phone base station” (Zothansiama et al, 2017; published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine).

Millimeter Waves Impact Bacteria Growth

New research finds that millimeter waves alter bacteria growth, and the combined action of these frequencies with antibiotics had even stronger effects.
Read the study “Millimeter waves or extremely high frequency electromagnetic fields in the environment: what are their effects on bacteria?” (published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology).


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