There’s a Three Pronged Approach to protecting you, your friends and family from this biologically toxic radiation.

Reducing exposures to as low as possible by using the following

Ethernet cabling in your home and business networks

Limiting usage on WiFi devices, especially at night by using timed access control or turning off WiFi access point and/or router.

Turning off Mobile Data, Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use and most importantly turning on Airplane Mode before leaving it to charge overnight when sleeping.

Using adapters for your smartphone to connected to LAN via an shielded ethernet cable to eliminate radiation exposures.

Setting up WiFiCalling on your mobile/laptop/Mac and enabling iMessage/SMS texting if using Mac. Note: This handy feature allows texting over ethernet. Not available on Windows PC.

Wiring your smart TV, HiFi, TV recorder, Sky Q box etc along with laptops, desktops, games consoles and now smartphones using relevant adapters and ethernet switches.

Practising radiation mindfulness and being aware of your environment by buying an RF meter like the Cornet 88TPlus.

Using your meter to sweep your home for EMF/RF sources such as smart meters, trackers, surveillance equipment etc.

Investing in RF shielding clothing and wearing them on a daily basis, especially if you go to London or other densified areas.

Do some DIY and paint RF shielding paint on the inside walls of your house and office.

YSHIELD HSF54/HF+LF Shielding PaintDetoxing your body from heavy metals such as pesticides, amalgam/fluoride fillings, prescription drugs etc.

Detoxing your body from heavy metals toxins

In studies with people with electro-sensitivity, there has been a positive correlation between the levels of heavy metals intra-cellular and these debilitating symptoms. See source. This means effectively and safely removing these toxic metals the symptoms should in theory also subside. It’s important to reduce your exposures by changing your personal care products to organic formulas and detergents on your clothes, as most manufacturers use toxic heavy metal based chemicals in their products.

In our research we have established reputable products which do this both safely and effectively.

High intensity exercise like rebounding and cardio is great for sweating out toxins which built up in the skin. Living a balanced lifestyle with a well planned diet and nutrient intake along with regular exercise aids cellular detoxification. Drinking plenty of filtered or purified water is also important

Taking positive social action in campaigning

By supporting legal challenges to remove 5G and other toxic technologies from our places of work, play and study such as our schools, libraries and parks.


  • Joining Save Us Now and being proactive in contacting local political representatives and companies about the threats the technology poses.
  • Connecting with local groups on Facebook and meeting up to discuss progress and action plans.
  • Sharing relevant information on social media to raise awareness and help educate and empower each other.