We have been founded to STOP the roll out of biologically toxic 5G technology across the UK. We are actively campaigning and raising awareness with key community stakeholders to take positive action banning the use of the biologically toxic technology.

Our campaign efforts will involve proactively organising and raising awareness of the criminal conspiracy to cause harm to UK citizens.

Please contact us to support our organisation and help us fundraise to cover our essential expenses.

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We are dedicated to halting the rollout of illegal unlawful 5G cellular technology across the United Kingdom to protect the public and community stakeholders from biological harm.


We aim to be a leading voice in the fight against toxic 5G technology being rolled out without public consultation or safety testing across the United Kingdom.

It contravenes international law and human rights and has been labelled criminal and genocidal by RF weapons experts such as Mark Steele and Barrie Trower.

Our job is to connect the online community across the UK together on a unified platform free from the conflicts of interest, corruption and technocratic agenda’s of Facebook, YouTube etc where the Stop 5G movement has started.

Going forward we will have many features on this website, including regular news updates with a newsletter, videos, recommended products and solutions, campaign effort updates and fundraising. Any ideas please get in touch with us.

To enable us to unify the movement across all areas we will be holding some live discussions with the leading figures to decide the best way forward.