So this afternoon at 15:45hrs Facebook Inc decided to delete our nationwide STOP 5G UK group with 67k members, which served as the main online forum for discussion and sharing information and chatting with each other.

We were expecting this and have been developing our own self hosted secure online presence and community elsewhere at

The UK Government has decided to label the anti 5G movement as conspiracy theorists. 

This is scientifically inaccurate.  Our entire campaign is founded on peer reviewed scientific evidence which the corrupt industry establishment wants to eradicate.  However unfortunately for them this recent move to censor our free speech will only encourage more people to question the mainstream government narrative which the media perpetuate.

Critical thinking isn’t encouraged by schools, government or media establishments. Because once you dive into the research on radio-frequency microwave radiation and stat uncovering the dark side, you start to question a lot more than just the WHO and ICNIRP guidelines.

Some research on will lead you to understanding about cancer clusters around telecoms masts, the military use of 5G used in crowd control applications, how our adversaries can hack into our critical national infrastructure and disable our entire country and more.  

This is a crucial period for us all, to wake up and educate each other to what’s been going on behind our backs in government and industry.  We the people will not tolerate this level of dictatorship from an elected government.  

Our movement will start to place local political representatives into positions of power and authority through Save Us Now