In Norwich we are following the pending applications by Cornerstone for the installation of 2 new 5G masts on Newmarket Road, near two schools.   Cornerstone are a company working for Vodafone and O2 and you can see the local EDP article here: 

They want to install another mast to the right of the existing ones, adding 4 more cabinets.  It will make it look very unsightly as David Bloomfield said, especially as it’s in a conservation area.  No mention of the harmful health effects was discussed which we were surprised by considering the technology hasn’t been tested.

We are in the process of writing to all local residents down Newmarket Road and adjoining roads.

You can see the live applications at the links below:

Source 1 – Here’s a list of all the places who have banned 5G using the precautionary principle.

Source 2 – This video features Microsof Canada’s Former President

Aside from writing to local residents and informing them of the risks of these new masts, we will be contacting and lobbying the councillors listed in the applications, along with fundraising for a group litigation case against Norwich City Council.

Please get in touch if you are a Norwich resident with concerns about the new masts and what you can do to oppose them at [email protected]