The Law is on our side. This is why Mark Steele formed Save Us Now after winning a court case in Gateshead and receiving the support of UK Recorder Nolan QC – Visit his website

Our next steps are to:

  1. Maintain pressure on public officials – Members of Parliament, Local Councillors and other public officers by emailing, calling and arranging meetings to discuss the crime which is taking place around us.
  2. Fundraise for legal funds to bring justice upon the criminals deploying and assisting in the deployment of this illegal and dangerous technology across the United Kingdom.
  3. Organise locally through Facebook groups listed below and arrange local meetings via video or better in person to plan action.
  4. Mobilise resources and target offenders such as telecommunications companies coercing schools, hospitals and other organisations into installing their equipment on their premises, with or without the intent to cause harm.
  5. Educate and empower each other into taking positive proactive action to safeguard our health and future generations by sharing tools, products and solutions to protect our health of environmental threats.
  6. Contact local councillors ad Mayors and educate them on the dangers of 5G technology.
  7. Lobby council representatives with scientific evidence found on this website here.

We look forward to working with you all up and down the country and build out our website to facilitate in this campaign.